2022 Jewish Futures & Tribe Pesach Pack



  • Our Story Interactive Haggadah
  • Maggid Map Game and Discussion Cards – your personal journey to freedom!
  • Dingbats
  • Freedom Cards
  • Journey Map
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Our Story Interactive Haggadah: The Haggadah is split into two sections: when opened, you first find a traditional Haggadah with colour-coded writing to help you navigate the Seder as well as sidebar explanations, Sephardi and Ashkenazi customs and easy-to-follow markers that will help you keep your place through the Seder. In the ‘Switch Up Your Seder’ Section at the back, you will find ideas, concepts, essays, and activities.

Maggid Map – Journey to Freedom: the newest Jewish Futures’ offering is the Maggid Map: a table runner that breaks down the main element of the Seder – Maggid. Lay out the map on the centre of your table or attach to a wall and follow as we journey to freedom. In this part of the Seder, where we share ‘Our Story’, the map highlights the different steps in the Maggid journey. The numbers on the map correspond to the numbers in the Maggid Section in the Our Story Interactive Haggadah. The Maggid Cards have a question, discussion point or fun and interesting trivia that correspond to each of the steps on the map.

Pesach Dingbats:
say what you see – guess which festive word these pictures relate to

Tribe’s Freedom Cards:
a set of thought-provoking cards and discussion questions that will enable you to lead a discussion around the concept of freedom.

JRoots Journey Map:
ever wonder where Abraham was born? Or the route the children of Israel took from slavery to freedom? Follow along on our map of our ancestors’ world.